Caribbean Home Decor

Caribbean Home Decor Accents
Caribbean home decor accents that you can use to decorate your home include wall clocks, coasters, bath mats, bath sets and throw pillows or cushions like the following:

White bougainvillea throw pillow

Tiger lily throw pillow

White hibiscus throw pillow

White throw pillow

Tiger lily coaster

Sand and sea bath mat

You can also use blue home decor accents like the following to decorate your home with a Caribbean home decor theme:

Blue bath set

Blue lamp

Blue pendant lamp

Blue throw pillow

Blue wall clock

Caribbean Home Decor Book
Caribbean Home Decor

Caribbean Home Decor
uses color pictures and clear explanations 
to teach you five key interior decorating principles
so that you can choose home decor accents that are appropriate for a Caribbean 
home decoration theme.

You will learn

* How to decorate by yourself

* How to choose colors

* How to choose patterns

* Home decorating ideas

* How to decorate your bathroom

* How to decorate your living room

* How to decorate your bedroom

* How to make your home d├ęcor 5 dimensional

Caribbean home decor infographic

Beach home decor course

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